Art Smith Aviation Academy, 4 Wing  Cold Lake, AB


What you will need:

  • tin of black polish (Kiwi is best)
  • polishing cloth (Kiwi is best)
  • toothbrush
  • water


Tips from the pros

  • If your shoe polish is cracked and dried out, replace it.
  • To keep your polish from drying out put a copper penny in your polishing tin (from before 1982)
  • ​Expect to take 45 mins per boot.
  • Cover your boots with a smooth & soft cloth while storing to keep the dust off and also prevents accidental scratches.
  • ​Wash your hands thoroughly after polishing. It would be tragic to get polish on your clean and pressed uniform!

Things not to do...EVER!!!

NEVER BURN SHINE. This is taking a lighter to your boots to heat up the polish. It will ruin your boots and you might light your boot on fire or do significant damage to the boot.

NEVER USE OTHER SUBSTANCES. Only use boot polish on your boot! Black nail polish or black Sharpie marker is not a way to touch up your boots! It will completely RUIN your polishing job and wreck your boots permanently.

NEVER QUICK SHINE. Kiwi makes products for shining shoes such as Instant Shine Wax, and other quick-job products. Do not use these because even though they work somewhat, they won't create the shine you want. Chances are your polish won't stick after using these products either.

NEVER SPIT POLISH. That's just gross. Your saliva contains acids and often bits of food which you most definitely do not want rubbed into your boot. For the best possible shine use water while polishing your boots only.

​NEVER GET YOUR PARENTS TO DO IT. Like your uniform, your boots are YOURS and only yours to take care of. Chances are your parents don't have a clue how to polish them properly anyways.

Boot Polishing

Believe it or not, boot polishing can be FUN!

​You can polish your boots while watching TV, listening to music, talking on the phone or you can even invite some of your cadet buddies over for a boot-polishing party!

This great video shows you the ins & outs of polishing your boots. Note: You do not have to strip your boots every time you polish. The only time this needs to be done is if your base coat cracks or starts to bubble (aka Boot Cancer).