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Use of Photographs and Video for Publicity Purposes

Any member of the Squadron (cadet, uniformed staff, civilian staff and committee members, as well as parents & friends) are advised that photographs taken and video's recorded at any squadron event could be used for publicity purposes. This may include local and national media or Squadron, AirCadet League of Canada or Department of National Defence websites. Any person appearing in such photographs or videos may be named andattributed to the Squadron. No other personal details will be used unless with prior permission of the individual.Any person objecting to have their photograph being used for publicity purposes or being named are to make the objection known to the event organiser or especially the photographer / videographer at the time of the event and must confirm this in writing to the Squadron Commanding Officer as soon as possible, to prevent inclusion in any local and national media or Squadron, Air Cadet League of Canada or Department of National Defence websites.

Reports and Photographs Supplied by Others

On occasion reports and photographs are submitted and published in the news sections of this site, these reports and photographs are based on information provided by others. The responsibility of ensuring that all photographs and reports are suitable for inclusion rests with the person making the submission, and the Squadron Commanding Officer, to whom may edit or decline to publish submissions which are believed to be in contravention of Squadron, Air Cadet League of Canada or Department of National Defence policy.

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