Art Smith Aviation Academy, 4 Wing  Cold Lake, AB



When a young person joins the Air Cadet program, they and their family will enjoy many unique and fulfilling experiences that are available to young Canadians!  And they likely won’t be doing it alone.

Most families play an active role in support of the young Cadet in the family, from ensuring they arrive at the weekly program on time, have their uniform in pristine condition, or support their goal of studying for an important exam on their way to their glider licence.

The Air Cadet League has many volunteers who operate the Sponsoring committee, help with fundraising, and support many program activities throughout the year.  Many of our volunteers are parents of the Cadets and enjoy some of the same rewarding and positive experiences of the programs that their children do.

Some parents decide to be an active part of the Squadron, either registering as an official member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee that helps to plan and organize other volunteers, fundraising or some training activities.  Others take a different and important direction and decide to become a Civilian Volunteer or Civilian Instructor, both positions that work under the direction of the Commanding Officer of the Squadron and help out in the formal program elements. These positions involve more hands-on support to Cadets as they move along in the training program and towards new ranks and responsibilities.

If nothing else, having an Air Cadet in the family usually means a busy week, busy training year and a fulfilling few years as you watch your son or daughter grow into a disciplined, skilled and mature citizen as they confidently move into their adult life.